Happy Clients

Gina Burgess, COO Common Sense Marketing Strategies, LLC
"I can't say enough good things about Julianne. I've known her since 2006, and she has been gracious, helpful, forthright, and trustworthy in every aspect. Working with her has always been a pleasing and profitable experience. She always has a cheerful attitude and, frankly, will tackle the hard jobs with the best attitude imaginable. She has always addressed the problems I've had with a knowledge base that I stand in awe of every time.  She has always found the answer to solve my website problems (and there are many). I am thankful she is such a great webmaster, and that I can also call her a great friend."

Timothy Lewis, Owner of LCI Services & Timothy K Lewis Art
"Julianne/Giulianna at "Bratiful Creative Solutions" has created and rebuilt websites for two of my businesses: Timothyklewisart.com and my law enforcement training website LCServices.com. I've had my LE Training business for 16 years. Before Julianne, I had gone through three (3) different website developers and managers and it was a nightmare with sloppy work, miscalculated hours for billing, jacked up prices without notification, poor communication, and dishonesty. I thought it would be near impossible to find someone trustworthy, easy to talk with, creative and who understands what is needed to build and manage a very busy website business such as LCI Services.com. Someone who could be trusted. That someone is "Julianne."

She did an amazing job with bringing my LE training website up to a higher level of easy function, navigation and exposure, which has greatly increased my business and registration process. She maintains the training and registration updates in a diligent and professional manner. She did an amazing job on creating my Art website to my imagination. I cannot envision ever having some other individual or website company create or maintain anything for either of my two business. She is the BEST...forget the rest!"

Dr. Jeffrey Romine, Research Scientist and Author
"I commissioned Julianne to work on two projects and now a third after finding how expertly skilled she is, able to work behind the scenes at a structural level, building in ideas and producing beautiful websites. She's very responsive to questions and listens carefully to customer needs. I happily recommend her!"

Tom Blubaugh, CEO Authors Community and Genesis Project International, Literary Strategist
"Julianne does excellent web designing. She understands much more than just the design--content, SEO, keywords, analytics, and marketing. The marketing is a real plus as this is where I have had issues with other programmers. This makes it very easy to communicate with her. She always produces more than I expect. Because of her work ethics, talents, and gifts--she is my website designer of choice to recommend to the members of my online Authors Community where she sits on my advisory council."

A.M. Wordsworth, Fictional Author
"I am a young journalist who desired to write a fictional trilogy. Part of keeping my fictional author name separate was creating a new persona. Julianne not only understood my need for keeping my identity covert, she helped me create the intrigue. Because she is highly recommended by a top law enforcement training agency and an author community, I knew she could be trusted with confidentiality. Her amazing design skills match her trustworthiness. I am so pleased to find her help me move forward on this new venture in my life. We are in the midst of designing my site as my novel is in the editing stages, but thus far I am very pleased."