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Web design and graphic design by Julianne

Hello, I'm Julianne!

I've been designing websites for companies, authors, and families since 2002. This includes websites with confidential information, such as for Law Enforcement Training.

I have proven to protect confidential information (blurring out faces of those working undercover, any confidential info, and confirming/checking any sources). I have excellent references. Please read my testimonials.

I'm located in Temecula (Southern California). You may find cheaper prices from designers overseas, but if you have any issues with them not delivering promised work, you have no legal recourse. If you or your company are in the USA, for privacy protection and guaranteed work, you need to hire a designer located here, too.

A Few of My Strengths:

I enjoy website/graphic design and SEO (search engine optimization). My most recent passion is designing websites for Family Heritage Sites, which are sites and books to showcase your Family Heritage. It gives families the opportunity to see heirloom and special family photos, post family stories from the past, family recipes, etc. Ensuring future generations will have access to their family heritage when they are old enough to appreciate it!

I bring individualized, creative, yet affordable web design, SEO, virutal administrative services, and marketing for your Family Heritage Sites, start-up company, or small business. 

My Work Experience: 

Besides my website and graphic design I have experience working in training with law enforcement, legal assisting, medical front office supervision, and publishing house management (US Management for Australian company). I have worked with several ministries in various capacities.

Authors Community

I also serve on the Advisory Council for Authors Community.  I did not design their website, but I help troubleshoot and correct issues when requested. This is a lovely community for Family Friendly and Christian authors. I specialize in building websites for authors.

I continue to maintain most websites I build for my customers and come with strong testimonials as to my reliability and quality.

Please contact me at or (951) 468-0673 so I can come up with a creative solution for you today!